Sep 07, 2017

Intoducing: Serial Intrapreneur


Serial Intrapreneur is about the leaders who battle the status quo inside their own companies to innovate and drive change.

We are so pleased to introduce the newest podcast in Provoke Media, the parent company of Breaking Banks- SERIAL INTRAPRENEUR with host JP Nicols.
JP has been consulting and watching the innovation in Fintech for a long time, and he knows the the hardest innovation can be transforming a giant company from within. The effort of those inside these stalwarts to move ahead, even cannibalizing some of their current cash cows in order to make room for the real technologies and services of tomorrow can be brutal, frustrating and thankless work. As JP says in the intro- the “business prevention departments” always seem to innoculate against healthy change until it is too late. He wanted to tell the story of those working with in.

This is episode 1, where he talks to Intrapreneur gone Entrepreneur Anne Boden, the CEO of Starling Bank. Their conversation is a do not miss for the Fintech world!


Anne Boden

Starling Bank

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