Jan 18, 2018

Saving the Bank: Big and Small

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Whether you are a small community bank or a large national bank, you deal with issues of digitalization, helping your communities grow, creating and sustaining trust, and moving banking into the future. Today, we are bringing you samples of two of Provoke.fm shows.

First, JP Nicols Serial Intrapreneur interviews CEO of Citizen Edmonds Bank, Jill Castilla about how she persisted until she dug the bank out of the red, and continues to innovate to keep the bank ahead of the curve. Then,¬†we share Simon Spencer’s Breaking Banks Asia interview with Dilan Rajasingham, VP and bank futurist of Commonwealth Bank of Australia about the coming mesh economy and how banks can help.


Dilan Rajasingham

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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Jill Castilla

Citizens Bank of Edmond

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