Jul 21, 2017

Plug and Play- Fintech


Nestled right in the heart of Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is the world’s largest tech accelerator.  Sometimes called University 165, it has given early homes to some of the greatest tech success stories-  like Google, Paypal, and Logitech.

Known for pairing startups with larger companies needing their solutions, this year, they ran 11 “verticals” with 90 participants that all expect to leave the program with investment and a pilot deal.

They invited Breaking Banks to go and profile their Fintech vertical-  we find out the history of Plug and Play and the focus on fintech through Scott Robinson, the Fintech VP.

Then we talk to just 3 of the presenters that are participating to get a flavor of the scope and diversity of places that Plug and Play is investing-
Flutter Wave CEO Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
BigID CEO Dimitri Sirota
Zumigo CEO Chirag Bakshi


Chirag Bakshi


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Dimitri Sirota

Big ID

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Iyinoluwa Aboyeji


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Scott Robinson

Plug and Play Fintech

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