Oct 16, 2014

Out of Africa: Peter Schlebusch


At the turn of the 20th century, two shoe salesman were sent to Africa to report on what opportunity was available there. One reported back “No good, no one here wears shoes”, and the other reported “Golden Opportunity! No one has any shoes here!” Unburdened by aging technologies, African countries present an array of opportunities to leap forward and employ evermore ubiquitous technology to incorporate new populations in the financial system. We plan to do one show each quarter about the variety of different opportunities that African nations represent and what other nations can learn from them. On today’s show, Brett speaks with Peter Schlebusch, CEO of Personal and Business Banking, Standard Bank about the tremendous opportunities that he sees in South Africa and the greater continent. We will also speak to Alec Boere, Managing Partner of Rufus Leonard which is celebrating its 25 year anniversary with a week long event challenge to reinvent the banking sector. This will be the first of four episodes that we do this year on Africa. Stay in tune to our Africa series.


Alec Boere

Rufus Leonard

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Peter Schlebusch

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