Nov 06, 2014

NYC VS. London- Battle for Fintech Supremacy


Which will reign in the battle for Fintech Supremacy? London, self-dubbed Fintech city, boasts that it employs more people in financial technologies that either New York or Silicon Valley. But New York has tripled the number of fintech investment deals in the last 3 years, quickly on the heels of Silicon Valley, and boasts proximity to a huge financial industry customer base. Brett King hosts Matt Harris, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures, Pascal Bouvier, Partner, Route 66 Ventures, Claire Cockerton, CEO of Innovate Finance, and Udayan Goyal, Founder, Anthemis Group, David Rose, the super-angel and father of the so-called “Angel” investing community in New York through both the Foundation of Gust and New York Angels. Will it be Silicon Alley or Silicon Roundabout? Or Silicon Prairie, Silicon Wadi or Silicon Glen, or Silicon Saxony, Silicon Sloboda, Silicon Street, Silicon Crescent, Silicon Savannah… the results may surprise you! We will also have the first bi-weekly Snarketing report with Ron Shevlin.



Innovate Finance

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David S. Rose

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Matt Harris

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Pascal Bouvier

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Udayan Goyal


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