Nov 17, 2017

NTT Data presents Breaking Banks at Money 2020 pt 2


NTT Data sponsored Breaking Banks at Money 2020 to catch a word with the movers and shakers in the Fintech industry. In this second part we are talking to some of our favorite presenters at Money 2020.

We start with Brian Roemmele, a huge pioneer in the #Voicefirst movement, who talks to us about how the natural interface of voice will change commerce and everything around it.

Then we talk to Rob Heiser and Boxley Llewellyn from IBM/ Segmint partnership and their new data insights platform.

Then we talk to Dana Nino at GeoSwift and the incredible movements in cross-border payments, particularly in and out of China.

And we finish with a conversation between Brett and Andrew Morris, Chief Content Officer for Money 2020.


Andrew Morris

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Boxley Llewellyn

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Brian Roemmele


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Dana Nino

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Rob Heiser

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