Sep 08, 2016

Next Money NYC 2016


It is Fintech Week in NYC and there have been a flurry of events to kick it off, beginning with Next Money, and going through Finovate. Brett and JP Nicols co-host this week, when we bring you the Next Money Fintech Future Trends panel, led by Penny Crossman of American Banker, and including Janine Hirt at Innovate Finance, Jon Zanoff, Entrepreneur in Residence at TechStars, and Susan Joseph, CEO of ID2020. Also, we chat with Dazza Greenwood at MIT Media Lab and Tommy Leander, LA to Congressman Schweikart, about their efforts to define the blockchain for the benefit of legislative guidelines.


Dazza Greenwood

MIT/Media Lab

Podcast (2)

Janine Hirt

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Jon Zanoff

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Penny Crosman

American Banker

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Susan Joseph

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Tommy Leander

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