Nov 10, 2017

New Trends in Payments- Is Zelle a gamechanger?


Changing the nature of when, where, and how we pay, and what we know when we pay has been on the front lines of fintech innovation. Payments options continue to evolve, catching up to customer behavior and the possibilities that new technologies open up.  Mobile payments are only a small percentage of the overall system BUT  are growing in popularity and have more than doubled around the globe.

Is Zelle is a gamechanger, or just the banks catching up?  Who will win the payments game?  What is still left to solve?  And how do we redesign payments for B2B.?

Today, Brett hosts Elise Moussa,  CEO of Snapay , Jim Marous of The Financial Brand, JP Nicols, host of Serial Intrapreneur, and Wade Arnold, Builder of Awesomeness at BillGo .   We are talking about the recent changes in the payments space, and what to expect in the near future.


Elise Moussa

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