Sep 19, 2013

Neither Phish nor Foul


Mobile phones are the most popular way that we access the internet and web services that we rely on every day. In a world where greater mobility and transparency are the norm, there is tremendous risk of security breaches which can interfere with the utility and friendliness of our tablets and smartphones. Viruses can infect the systems, exposing user’s sensitive information. This is of special concern to the financial industry, where consumers are demanding mobility, and banks are wondering how to make these mobile places safe. Today on Breaking Bank$, we are looking at the different ways that the industry is trying to make our phones safer, so so we can do what we need where we are. Join Brett King as he speaks with Samy Kamkar, Co-founder of UnLeak, Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director at Kroll, and Peter Cassidy, Co-Founder of the Anti-Phishing Working Group about eSecurity and mobility.


Alan Brill

Kroll Cyber Security

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Peter Cassidy

Anti-Phishing Working Group

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Sammy Kamkar

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