Dec 27, 2018

Moven Forward

PODCAST #270 - Brett King and JP Nicols are joined by Theo Lau, Jim Marous and Spiros Margaris, talking fintech in 2019. Then, Brett and Marek Forsyiak of Moven Enterprise, share updates on Moven - Listen to Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://breakingbanks.com #breakingbanks #fintech #podcast #business #radio #financialservices #openbanking #crypto #blockchain #neobank #moven #startups #technews #banking #financialtechnology

Brett King, JP Nicols and Jim Marous are joined by Theodora Lau and Spiros Margaris, talking Fintech 2020 and where the momentum we gained in 2018 is going to take us over the next couple of years. We’ll talk AI, Voice-tech, Spatial Computing, Blockchain and the general shape of the industry? Can we expect the same record levels of investment in FinTech that we’ve seen in 2018? Who is really leading globally when it comes to Fintech and the changes we’re likely to see over the next few years? In the second half of the show, JP interviews our very own Brett King (Founder and Executive Chairman) and Marek Forysiak (CEO) of Moven, giving us a long awaited update on their progress heading into 2019.


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