Oct 09, 2014

Millennials and Money


Millennials present a huge generational tidal shift and therefore a lot of opportunity for those that can tap into how they think and what appeals to them. For banks, this has become particularly crucial as this generation is more skeptical of the system and turning to outside financial resources. A millennial would consider a checkbook a quaint relic and think that the necessity of going to a bank branch as cumbersome. They are nostalgic for simplicity and they know it is the future that provides it. Today Brett King hosts Sam Maule, Manager at Carlisle and Gallagher Consulting Group, Dan Coates, President of YPulse, Scott McCormack, President of Social Money and SmartyPig, and Amanda Stanhaus, Blogger of XOBettie, to talk about what everyone who works, plays, sells, or serves a millennial should know. Also, and update from Oracle from Sonny Singh on the ways to keep updating the system to keep up with the new demands.


Amanda Stanhaus

XO, Bettie

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Dan Coates


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Scott McCormack

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