Feb 27, 2015

Making Financial Engagement Social: Frank Eliason


Social Media is no longer a cute extra in any marketing or customer service campaign. It has to be a core component of customer engagement. Those who embrace social media as a way to listen to customers as well as communicate with them will be the winners in this space. Today, Frank Eliason, SVP of Social Media for Citibank, joins Brett for a discussion about using common sense and applying the advantages of social media to customer outreach and service. Also Tom Green, VP of Lending Club, will be talking about the exciting developments for them since they went public last month! And last, but certainly not least, we continue with our Finextra/Breaking Banks Women in Fintech series. Liz Lumley (@LizLum) interviews Claire Cockerton, CEO of Innovate Finance (@clairecockerton).



Innovate Finance

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Frank Eliason


Podcast (2)

Tom Green

Podcast (2)

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