Oct 02, 2014

Live From Sibos Innotribe


This week Breaking Banks is coming to you from Innotribe within the SIBOS conference – the world’s largest financial services conference and exhibition in the world. Host Brett King was doing interviews on the floor of Sibos, live at the Innotribe space, talking to the most promising and authoritative innovators and instigators that are forcing the banking system into the digital age. In this episode we discussed #cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Foundation, #financialinclusion with Microsoft and the Gates Foundation, the #networkeffect with author Peter Hinssen, the Future of Money with Anthemis’ Uday Goyal, the latest in #p2plending, #socialspending, #productintelligence with the finalists of the SWIFT Innotribe startup challenge! It was a huge week at Innotribe and if this #BreakingBanks episode is anything to go by, the future of banking disruption is just getting started…


Kosta Peric

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