Apr 19, 2018

Jenny And The Bloq


April is blockchain month. Today, we talk with one of the earliest entrants into the space, Matt Roszak. His success landed him on the Forbes list of wealthiest crypto investors. He also is one of the early funders of many of the leading crypto exchanges, including Coinbase and Kraken, and is the founder of the blockchain infrastructure player: Bloq. State government isn’t often on the bleeding edge of technology adoption but that’s what our other guest accomplished. Jennifer O’Rourke joined the Illinois Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology from private sector and in her first year, catalyzed a statewide, government wide taskforce to explore the use of blockchain to provide better and more efficient services. Jennifer recently left that post to co-found a blockchain company tackling the problem of identity. She speaks publicly about it for the first time on this show.


Jennifer O’Rourke

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Matthew Roszak

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