May 05, 2017

Irish Fintech: The EU Gateway


For a relatively small island, Ireland has developed a massive tech scene. The Celtic Tiger of the 90s took a serious hit with the recession, but during that time they established themselves a useful hub for many tech companies to put down deep roots. As the global economy continues to recover and grow, Irelands small but powerful tech community is fostering fintech growth.
On today’s show, Peter Oakes, Founder of FintechIreland; Dave Anderson, Head of Consulting at Ammeon, Gene Murphy, Innovation Community Manager at Bank of Ireland, and Tony Kelly, CTO of Deposify all join us at Breaking Banks to discuss the growth of Fintech in Ireland, the new opportunities due to Brexit, and how they are looking at blockchain and digital currencies.


David Anderson


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Gene Murphy

Bank of Ireland

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Marc Hochstein

American Banker

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Peter Oakes


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Tony Kelly


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