Jan 16, 2015

IOT and Fintech


With the end of the CES conference, it is clear that the Internet of Things is all around us. By the end of 2015, Gartner predicts that 5 billion devices will be connected. By 2020, it will be 25 billion. But what does all this tremendous data and service mean for financial technologies? Today, Brett speaks with Alex Lightman, Author of “Brave New Unwired World” about insights at the CES show, Joe Pagano, Wealth Management Advisor on Cisco’s “Internet of Everything” team, and Luxoft’s Michael Minkevich and Anders Brown, discussing Luxoft’s acquisition of Radius and where the “Internet of Things” is going to take us as we quickly adopt smart devices into our everyday lives.


Alex Lightman

Futurist and Author

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Anders Brown


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Joe Pagano

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Michael Minkevich

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