Jan 09, 2014

Innovation is a Small Banks Best Friend


In Malcolm Gladwell’s latest offering, David And Goliath, he takes a fresh look at the story and examines whether David’s relatively small stature and skills as a slinger might actually have been an advantage in his battle against Goliath. In a similar vein, today’s episode of Breaking Banks is going to examine what kind of innovation and practices mid-size banks can adopt to compete against their bigger global competitors. As digitilization has brought radical shifts in customer expectations and behavior, could mid-size banks have better agility and opportunity to create comparable or better services than larger counterparts? Today on Breaking Banks, Brett will be talking to JP Nicols, the CEO of Clientific and the co-founder of the Bank Innovators Council about the need for innovation in an industry that hasn’t substantially changed in centuries. Then he will be talking with Brad Leimer of Mechanics Bank about the challenges of innovating for smaller and mid-size banks. Join us today at 3pm ET, Noon PT.


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