Apr 14, 2017

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2017


Innovate Finance Global Summit has become a must attend event in the world of FinTech. This year was no exception, and Breaking Banks teamed with the Innovate Finance Team to create an episode that brings you some of the important thinking that was presented at the conference.
Brett took time away from his presentation and his judging the Pitch 360 event that Innovate Finance has started to highlight Fintech Startups and spoke with some of the main presenters of the conference.
Dave Birch joins to host. Guests include Ruth Wandhofer, Global Head of Regulatory at Citi; Mike Blalock, General Manager of Intel FSI; Poppy Gustafsson, EMEA CEO of Darktrace; Will Beeson, CEO of Civilised Bank and host of ReBank Podcast; Paul Taylor, CEO of Thought Machine; and Kosta Peric from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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