Oct 05, 2017

ICO’s are Hot! Can they include more people in investing?


Since the first Initial Coin Offering in March 2017, ICO’s have taken off as the latest greatest way to raise venture capital. ICO’s offer exciting potential for financial inclusion. Current regulations can create a high threshold for participation in Venture Capital in attempts to protect from schemes, and from people losing their entire fortunes. ICO’s go around this, and many have wondered if the ICO could be a new form of a Ponzi scheme. Those highly involved in ICOs vehemently disagree, and are looking at the ways that ICOs encourage a financial inclusion and openness that has never been available to investors before.

Today, we are speaking with George Burke and Chandra Duggirala, Founders of Aqua Foundation, Kenzi Wang, Co-Founder of Superbloom Capital, and David del Ser the Director of Inclusive Fintech, and of the Catalyst Fund from BFA. We are getting the view of ICO’s from those who see the possibilities- and want to make sure that the good always outweighs the bad.


Chandra Duggirala

Aqua Foundation

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David del Ser

Catalyst Fund

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George Burke

Aqua Foundation

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Kenzi Wang

Superbloom Capital

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