Sep 22, 2017

The Importance of Gender Parity in Fintech Teams


As fintech has grown in the last few years, there are a lot of articles focusing on the lack of gender equality in the space. The cross section of finance and tech is a cross section of two industries that have very different biases, but share issues of diversity. The infamously leaked “Google Memo” gives us an insiders look at the attitudes and presumptions about women, about tech, and about tech culture.

Every aspect of our world- our interactions, our economies and livelihoods, our borders and spaces, our transportation and presence, is being redesigned by technology. It only makes sense that every sector of humanity participate in creating the technologies that will reshape what it means to be human in the future. Yet, the tech industry lacks the diversity that allows it to solve real problems and live up to the promise of creating a more vital and equal future.

Today, Brett King and Jason Henrichs talk to Anouska Streets, Head of Engineering at FINkit, and Colleen Wilson, Founder and CEO of Collaborate Chicago to discuss what lies at the bottom of these ideas, how founded they are in actual research, how to shift the conversation and start creating companies, funding, and institutions that can take us to a better future.


Anouska Streets


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Colleen Spaits Wilson

Collaborate Chicago

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