Jan 21, 2016



One of the frustrations with retail banking is the sense that all services are too expensive for the poor who could most benefit. Part of this stems from the banks being product oriented. One of the revolutions of fintech disruption is the creation of the services for the traditionally underserved, sometimes called the underbanked. Sam Maule (www.sammaule.com) guest hosts Breaking Banks today. His guests include Mary Wisniewski, fintech reporter from American Banker, Elizabeth Dwyer of Inclusion Hub, Marta Krupinska, GM of Azimo, and Norris Koppel, CEO of Monese. Breaking Banks is discussing #FInTech4All


Elizabeth Dwyer

Inclusion Hub/ Center for Economic Progress

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Marta Krupinska

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Mary Wisniewski

American Banker

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Norris Koppel

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