Jun 16, 2016

Fintech Innovation in China


JP Nicols opens the show today with insights into the moves of Apple Pay, the ending of CurrentC, and the maturing of Lending Club. Then, we have a series of interviews from Brett King’s travels in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Brett speaks with the CEO/Founder of RFI, Charles Green about latest study about millennials’ adoption of fintechs. Then he speaks to Founder/CEO of Radian Partners, Jen Zhu Scott. And finally, he talks with Raj Sodhi, CEO/Founder of 7 Senses Labs, who is using robotics and blockchain to disrupt the way we educate. And Sam Maule hosts Nicole Sturgill of CEB on another Fintech5!


Charles Green


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Jen Zhu Scott

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Nicole Sturgill

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Raj Sodhi

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