Dec 09, 2016

Fintech: From Helsinki to Tokyo


As usual, Brett has been traveling around the globe.  In his latest adventures, he was at the SLUSH conference in Helsinki Finland and at the Fintech Japan in Tokyo, where he gathered interviews about advancements in AI and what we should be thinking about to prepare for the increased presence of augmented and artificial intelligence at work in our lives.

Brett interviews Kristian Luomo from Op-Lab, Ville Hulkko from Valossa, Megan Beck- author of the Network Imperative, Natalie Shiori Fleming and Hiroki Kudo from Fintech Asssociation Japan, and Toshi Taki from Money Forward.



Hiroki Kudo

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Kristian Luomo

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Megan Beck

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Natalie Shiori Fleming

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Toshi Taki

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Ville Hulkko

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