Feb 19, 2017

Fintech Helping the Refugee Crisis


There are 65 Million refugees in the world.  That is 10% of the global population that had to flee war and drought, leaving behind homes, businesses and assets.  In the long term, these people need financial services that allow them to rebuild credit, get banking services, pay for things and become parts of the economies where they are now.

Today, Brett King, Marc Hochstein of American Banker, and Peter Renton, Founder of LendIt Academy, talk about the upcoming Digital Identity Crisis Webinar, The LendIt Conference at the Javits Center in NYC, and the proposed Fintech Charter and what that can mean for changes in banking in the US.

Sam Maule takes the helm in the second half, and talks to Zeina Shuhaibar from the IRC, Ashish Gadnis, Founder/CEO of BanQu Inc., and Aneesh Varma, Founder of Aire (Credit scores for humanity @AireScore) to talk about fintech solutions to help refugees regain some economic stability and contribute to the economies of their new domiciles. And we encourage everyone to help!  (check out #Techfugees and #Codetoinspire)


Aneesh Varma

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Ashish Gadnis

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American Banker

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