May 27, 2016

FinTech Future: Cyborgs and Digital Currency


Today, Brett King is hosting one of the leaders in global technology revolution- David Orban. David is a fierce proponent of financial and government transparency. He is- Founder/Trustee of the Network Society Research – Member and Advisor of Singularity University – Advisor of Dotsub (former CEO) – Founder of Dotwords – Founder of Axelera – Mentor at Thiel Fellowship – Chairman of the Board of Humanity+ – Founder of WideTag – Co-Founder of Startupbusiness- social network for Italian Startup eco-system – Scientific Advisory Board for the Lifeboat Foundation – Founder of Open Government Data Today, they will be talking about a new digital currency – DAO ALSO Sam Maul brings us another Fintech5!


David Orban

Network Society Ventures

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