Feb 03, 2017

Fintech Finals 2017


While Brett was keynoting the NextMoney Fintech Finals 2017 in Hong Kong, he took the opportunity to interview a lot of the leaders, movers, and shakers that are turning up the volume on the global Fintech scene.

Hong Kong and Singapore have long been economic crossroads. China and India are economies with vast populations and huge potential. And Shenzhen is bursting with innovative creativity! All of these contribute to the Asian Fintech market being far ahead in adoption and ecosystem creation.   If you are interested in what is happening in Asian Fintech Market, this is a do not miss episode!


Amit Goel

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Ghela Boskovich

Femtech Global

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Jessica Ellerm

Breaking Banks

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Liam Gilligan

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Matt Dooley

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Steve Breen

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