Jul 25, 2013

FinTech Design: Build the Necessary and Useful


We are now in a time when interface is a more common experience than face to face. It is faster, easier, and simpler… or at least it should be. Banks must look for ways to build bridges to customers through these new interfaces and create customer experiences that build trust, create commonality, and increase loyalty. To reach out to those that are unbanked and underbanked, the challenge is to find ways to make the mobile app friendlier, more trustworthy, and more usable than banks have ever been. Today on Breaking Bank$, we are speaking with James Moed, lead business designer with IDEO, Jim Marous, author of Bank Marketing Strategy, and Lynn Teo, an experienced design industry leader to find out what changes banks need to make and how they need to “mobilize” in order to create the best customer journey


James Moed

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Jim Marous

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Lynn Teo

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