Jun 24, 2016

FinTech & Brexit, #DAO, Final, and FinTech 5


Today, host Sam Maule outlines the DAO hack and what can happen next for Ethereum with guests Simon Taylor, John Lilic of Consensys, and Casey Kuhlman of Eris Industries. Then we talk payment security with the CEO of Final, Aaron Frank. And then we have a double dose of the Fintech5 with Jesse Podell from Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC and Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Edmond bank. Fintech5 will launch as an independent podcast! Look for it on iTunes.


Aaron Frank


Podcast (1)

Casey Kuhlman

Eris Industries

Podcast (1)

Jill Castilla

Citizens Bank of Edmond

Podcast (3)

John Lilic

Podcast (2)

Simon Taylor


Podcast (4)

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