Jul 07, 2016

FinTech: Bots, Brands & Entrepreneurship


Will AI change the nature of humanity itself? Today, Brett talks with Katie Aquino, better known as Miss Metaverse, about the expectations for the future and what that means for us in every aspect of life. Scott Raskin, CEO of Spigit comes on the show to discuss why banks should be looking and fostering the innovative ideas among their own ranks. Andrei Cherney, CEO of Aspiration, named by Time magazine as the best stand-alone checking account in 2015, comes on the show to discuss how they plan to do well by doing good, and their policy of allowing their customers to set their fees.www.aspiration.com/ And Ben Lynch, the creator of the bankbot Jude, comes on to discuss the popularity of Bots


Andrei Cherney

Aspiration Bank

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Ben Lynch


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Katie King

Miss Metaverse

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Scott Raskin

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