Mar 11, 2016

FinTech & Banks creating “Nimbility” and Wellness


Until recently, banks haven’t focused on assisting their customers with financial wellness, but many banks are changing their tune.
Today’s host, Ron Shevlin is talking with Ryan Falvey and Rachel Schneider of CFSI about their research into what defines financial wellness. They also discuss their work at Finlab, a joint effort with JP Morgan that fosters startups focused on financial wellness issues. Ron also speaks with James Gardiner, CTO of Spigit, about the “nimbility” and the keys to innovating inside a bank. And he chats with Ian Kar from Quartz about the reasons why Dwolla was fined over their data security.


James Gardner


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Rachel Schneider

Center for Financial Services Innovation

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Ryan Falvey

Financial Venture Studio

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