Sep 05, 2013

Finovating into the Future


Banks have long cultivated the image of stability with marble counters and mahogany desks, indicating a sense of permanence. But in order to do something new, you have to stop doing the old! The new frontiers of banking are in a relatively new area called Fintech. In this world, startups from outside the traditional banking system are creating new ways of meeting people’s financial service needs, introducing new concepts in lending, payments, and investment that leave the traditional in the dust. Since 2007, Finovate, a conference that rewards startups and innovation, has become a nexus of activity around this community, helping startups get their names out there and encouraging the next steps in financial technologies. Today Brett hosts Eric Mattson from Finovate, Michael Garrity and Casper Wong from Communitylend and Jason Gordo from Flexscore, to speak about the bustle of activity in and around Finovate and what it means for the Fintech startup community.


Casper Wong


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Eric Mattson

The Finovate Group

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Jason Gordo

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Michael Garrity

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