Jan 10, 2019

Finding Your Voice

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Brett King and Jason Henrichs are joined by Jim Marous and Ron Shevlin from The Financial Brand. Penny Crosman shares the latest Fintech news. Our first guest is VoiceTech expert Brian Roemmele and Best Innovation Group‘s Elizabeth Robins talk #VoiceFirst and the huge action happening at #CES2019 in Las Vegas. Then, Jason, Jim, and Ron discuss the present and future state of marketing with futurist Alex Lightman, talking why content marketing is dead, why engagement matters, and why now is the time for thought leaders and organizations to start becoming content creators.

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Jim Marous’ 2019 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions In-Depth Analysis and Insights: http://bit.ly/2CWdCaf 

Alex Lightman’s new YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClNFShIuNhsbnbAH7WS6Q-Q/videos


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