Feb 22, 2018

Disruptive Healthtech

Listen to our interview with John Nosta, founder of NostaLabs on Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://breakingbanks.com #breakingbanks #fintech #podcast #business #radio

John Nosta, founder of digital health think tank NOSTALAB, joins the show to talk about some of the latest advancements in digital health and healthtech. From advanced diagnoses augmented by artificial intelligence to genome editing like CRISPR, our digital lives have the potential to be impactedĀ even greater than our financial lives have beenĀ by new technological advances.

In 2012, John Nosta started Health Critical, a blog on Forbes.com that discussed the link between health, medicine, and technology. He was twice been listed at the top of the Pharma100 list, which measures the level of online engagement produced by those in the health industry. He is also on the faculty of Singularity University and is on the Google Healthcare Advisory Board.


John Nosta

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