Dec 07, 2017

Digitizing the Bank


For a long while, it was imagined that Fintechs would completely disrupt the banks, replacing a system laden with legacy technologies. A few years ago, it became very apparent that banks and fintechs would need to partner to be successful. Most fintechs needed bank partnerships to scale significantly. And most banks needed the innovation and imagination that fintechs brought with them in order to reimagine themselves as customer centric.
We are seeing many versions of this partnership: Open APIs, platformification within banks. Platforms or Marketplaces outside of banks. Accelerators and Innovation Labs in banks or as bank partners.

Today, JP Nicols and Simon Spencer host our guest,
Claire Calmejeane, the Director of Innovation and Digital Centre Excellence at LLoyds Banking Group to discuss the different approaches and what she thinks really works.


Claire Calmejane

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