Jan 13, 2017

Brett at CES (Consumer Electronics Show)


Brett starts today with a news rundown with Chris Skinner of The Finanser.com and Penny Crosman, Editor, American Banker

Then, we take you to the CES main floor to talk to best selling author Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Michael Hafner- Head of Mercedes Benz Autonomous and Assisted Driving Systems, Melisa Cefkin- Principle Scientist for Nissan Research Centre, and Itoki Fujita- Mitsubishi 3D point mapping technology.


Chris Skinner

DataWeb, etc

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Guy Kawasaki

Canva, Apple, Mercedes-Benz

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Itoki Fujita

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Melisa Cefkin

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Michael Hafner

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Penny Crosman

American Banker

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Robert Scoble

Infinite Retina

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Shel Israel

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