Feb 05, 2015

#BreakingBanks from Bali


Today, our host Brett King has turned over the hosting duties to Andy Mclean (@insanemclean) for a hosting turn in Bali. Andy hosts Rob Findlay from NextBank, Gary Dykstra who is setting up a bitcoin economy, and Peter Wall, CEO of Hubud. They are talking about why conditions in Bali are ideal spot for innovative financial services. And about their new venture: http://bali.startupbankchallenge.com Then Brett is back as a correspondent, (sort of) with interviews of Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan, authors of Selfish, Scared and Stupid ( http://theimpossibleinstitute.com/selfish-scared-and-stupid/) and Dan Kimmerling, the Chief of Everything officer at Standard Treasury! And of course, a Ron Shevlin “Moment of Snark”!


Dan Gregory

Selfish, Scared & Stupid

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Dan Kimmerling

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Gary Dykstra

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