Sep 01, 2016

Breaking Down Blockchain: Identity & Security; part 5/5


This is the last of our 5 part series Breaking Down Blockchain and we are wrapping it up with a discussion on digital Identity and Security.

Brett King is again joined by Chris Skinner (thefinanser.com/) and this week they talk to Dave Birch at Consult Hyperion; Usha Krishnan from ChainGenie.com; David Sonstebo, Founder of IOTA; David Horton, Head of Innovation at Synechron, and Bailey Reutzel, Author of MoneyTripping and regular contributor to Coindesk and American Banker.


Bailey Reutzel

MoneyTripping/ Blockheads

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Chris Skinner

DataWeb, etc

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Dave Birch

Consult Hyperion

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David Horton


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David Sonstebo


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Usha Krishnan

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