Aug 18, 2016

Breaking Down Blockchain: Smart Assets; part 3/5


Brett King and Chris Skinner continue our series: Breaking Down Blockchain. This week, we are looking at other sectors related uses of blockchain, like healthtech, biotech, trade, and energy. Joining them are Bailey Reutzel, author of Moneytripping; Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, MIT Media Lab, Digital Currency Initiative; Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO of Everledger; Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange; and Vasily Suvarov, VP of Technology Strategy at Luxoft.

Also, payments expert Brian Roemmele and Senior Editor of Bank Innovation, Philip Ryan, join to talk about ApplePay vs. Australia’s Banks. 🙂


Abraham Cambridge

The Sun Exchange

Podcast (1)

Bailey Reutzel

MoneyTripping/ Blockheads

Podcast (4)

Brian Roemmele


Podcast (14)

Chris Skinner

DataWeb, etc

Podcast (21)

Leanne Kemp

Podcast (1)

Michael Casey

MIT- Media Lab

Podcast (2)

Philip Ryan

Bank Innovation

Podcast (3)

Vasily Suvarov

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