Sep 29, 2017

Breaking Banks at Next Money Chicago


This week we are bringing you a special that we arranged with the Next Money Chicago Conference.
First, we are bringing you part of Brett’s morning keynote all about the ideas behind his upcoming book, Bank 4.0
Next, we are bringing you a panel hosted by Ron Shelvin. He lays out the reasons that platformification is so vital to the growth of fintech and banks, and why it is the inevitable business model that will bring it more quickly, safely, and efficiently to our doors. Also on the panel is Derek Corcoran of Avoka, Duena Blomstrom of Temenos, and Kris Kovacs of Constellation- which all run fintech marketplaces, helping fintechs reach customers, and banks get technology to fit their needs.

A very special thanks to Gravity GP productions and their crew in Chicago for helping us gather this audio!


Derek Corcoran


Podcast (5)

Duena Blomstrom


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Kris Kovacs

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