Nov 15, 2018

Blurring the Line Between Incumbents and Insurgents

Listen to our discussion on the blurred line between incumbents and insurgents and their impact on fintech and financial services on Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://breakingbanks.com

Jason Henrichs​ hosts Eric Byunn and Tom Davis, partners at Centana Growth Partners, discussing the increasingly blurry line between incumbents and insurgents in fintech and financial services. Then, JP Nicols​ chats with Naveed Anwar, Head of Strategic Partnerships/Integrations and Developer Community at Capital One.

Part 4/4 of our #InvestedInTech series, #sponsored by Capital One​. (Aired 11/15)


Eric Byunn

Centara Growth Partners

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Naveed Anwar

Capital One

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Tom Davis

Centara Growth Partners

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