Apr 13, 2018

Blockchain: Helping Humanity

Listen to our interview with Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose, and Alex Lightman on Breaking Banks! https://breakingbanks.com #fintech #innovation #puertorico #fintechnews #bankingforgood #unbanked #financialinclusion #blockchain #crypto #technology #future #futurism #futurist

Puerto Rico is struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and Brock Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation / EOS) is on a mission to help with Restart Week, a community driven week of events in Puerto Rico, celebrating culture, rebuilding the vibrant past and envisioning the future.

On today’s show, we see if the latest developments in Blockchain live up to the hype of solving real world problems like inequality, access to basic financial services and identity schemas. Also joining are Crystal Rose from Sensay, talking the SENSE network running on Ethereum and EOS blockchains and futurist Alex Lightman.

May 11-18, 2018 is #RESTARTWEEK – Visit RestartWeek.org to learn more

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