Dec 01, 2017

Bitcoin: Bubble or Just Beginning


Bitcoin is soaring, both in price and in imagination.  It captured enough pop culture attention that the Big Bang Theory- with 12.6 million viewers in the US alone- featured it prominently in this week’s episode.

Along with that, it has reached the $10,000 USD milestone, and is now acting as a digital asset. Steve Wozniak spoke at the Money 2020 conference and explained that Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold or USD because it is finite and mathematical, so it is constant. But with the spike in value, many people are wondering if this is a bubble or just the beginning.

Today, Brett hosts 4 experts in bitcoin:
Brian Roemmele- renaissance man, entrepreneur, and payments expert.
Bailey Reutzel- US Editor of Coin Desk.
Gabe Sukenik- the founder of Morph Token, an instant crypto portfolio exchange.
Suleman Din is a technology editor at SourceMedia’s American Banker and Financial Planning.


Bailey Reutzel

MoneyTripping/ Blockheads

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Brian Roemmele


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Gabe Sukenik


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Suleman Din

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