Mar 01, 2018

Bink: Redesigning Loyalty for Digital Wallets


Today, Brett talks with Bink co-founder Greg Gormley and Bink CCO Mike Jordan about loyalty programs now that digital wallets are becoming more ubiquitous. Bink wants to redefine loyalty for the digital wallet.

The Bink app is an aggregator of loyalty cards that helps consumers make the most of their loyalty programs, their preferences, and get rewarded for the shopping they already have to do. In redefining the loyalty experience- eliminating cards, extra steps, and making sure that each consumer can take advantage of the programs, they are dealing with the biggest questions facing the financial industry; How do we gather data in a way that benefits customers? How do we help look at solutions for identity that protect consumer security and allow for technology to serve their wants and needs? How will AI teach our personal assistant devices what we like and truly help us get the best deals? And how will it help us curate for augmented reality?


Greg Gormley


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Mike Jordan


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