Mar 26, 2015

ApplePay: Woes and Wins


No one seriously disagrees that the recent Apple Pay credit card fraud stems from the security of the sixteen digit credit card number. But there are serious disagreements about whose problem that is. Is it all on the banks or is Apple in the game too? Brett is hosting Brian Roemmele, Dave Birch and Steve Mott to discuss both sides of this question. We are also delighted that Charlie Shrem, co-founder of Bit Instant will be joining us. Charlie was found guilty of “aiding and abetting unlicensed money transmission”, but many feel that he is a scapegoat and was prosecuted out of the fear of bitcoins revolutionary nature as a completely state-free currency. We will also be discussing how money has become social, with the rise of Venmo and the entrance of Facebook into payments with Amanda Stanhaus, our Millenial correspondent.


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