Oct 13, 2017

AI is coming to help!


There is little question that AI will loom large in our future. It is already present in almost all the new technologies we rely on. The question is whether that future is hopeful or dystopian? Will AI create more fulfilling work and a more fulfilling human existence or are we creating the beginning of the end of humanity as we know it?  There are strong cases to be made for both, and likely, we will see some of both in the future.

Today, we discuss this with two realistic utopians. David Orban is a renown leader in global technology and the possibilities of AI. Himi Khan is the EVP of Product Management at Clinc, who specializes in AI natural voice interfaces, with an extra focus on financial technologies. Both have looked at AI and how it can change the nature of financial services and more. We are honored to have them as our guests today. Also, Penny Crosman from American Banker joins us today to discuss some of the big stories around Fintech, including the ever unfolding Equifax scandal.


David Orban

Network Society Ventures

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Himyat Khan


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Penny Crosman

American Banker

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