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Apr 04, 2019

Small Things with Big Impact

Jason Henrichs talks with Karen Mills, former head of the Small Business Administration about her new book Fintech, Small Business and the American Dream, and Dan O’Malley, CEO of Numerated,… LEARN MORE


Feb 17, 2018

Blockchain and Cannabis: Transparency, Efficiency, and Trust

The financial issues of the burgeoning marijuana industry highlight some very important problems for a lot of small businesses in the United States. First, it is cash heavy, which make… LEARN MORE


Mar 31, 2017

Fintechs & Banks: Tips for Partnership

Today, we are in the offices of American Banker in NYC and we are discussing different strategies that banks and fintechs can use to create viable and strong partnerships. Brett… LEARN MORE


Mar 10, 2017

Innovations in Lending at LendIt2017

This week, Brett and Breaking Banks were onstage with Antony Jenkins, CEO of 10x Future Technologies at the LendIt conference in NY! While we were at the conference, we decided… LEARN MORE


Aug 27, 2015

Square and ApplePay

Square changed the merchant accounts game, enabling millions of small businesses the convenience of card payments without the hassle, paperwork and fees that banks charge for merchant accounts. And they… LEARN MORE


Oct 30, 2014

Fintech Help for Small Biz

All business starts as a small business. The entrepreneurial spirit can be doused with the realities of funding new ideas and innovation and getting the required capital and support that… LEARN MORE


Jul 18, 2014

CU's- StorySell or Say Buh-Bye

Credit Unions have relied on having personal relationships with their customers. That personal touch has never been more important, but to stay in the game with Gen Y and Millennials… LEARN MORE


Feb 04, 2014

Tech Allows Small Business to Bank Big

Running a small business can be a sisyphean undertaking and in the current economic conditions, you need to be able to get the investment and capital quickly in order to… LEARN MORE

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