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Feb 28, 2017

Fintech 2017

Next month, we will be hosting our series of Innovation Jams. The Jams are competitions which take place in 5 cities (Singapore, Miami, Abu Dhabi, London and Geneva) aimed at… READ MORE

May 05, 2014

Why Kids don't sign, and banks shouldn't either

In a recent UN/ICAO commissioned survey on theĀ use of signatures in passports, a number of countries including the UK recommended phasing out the long held practice because it was no… READ MORE

Aug 08, 2012

What the Square and Starbucks alliance means for payments...

Square and Starbucks just announced their intent to form a partnership for the purpose of improving or 'revolutionizing' in-store payments around the approximately 1,700 retail stores and 5,000 other points… READ MORE

Mar 02, 2012

The problem with passwords

In 2009, Marsha and Michael Shames-Yeakel, sued Citizen's Bank in the United States for the loss of $26,500 as a result of a successful phishing fraud instance against their home… READ MORE

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