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Apr 24, 2010

Banks are losing the customer and innovation battle (HuffPost)

Last week I released a blog article and an infographic to stimulate discussion on Innovation in the banking and financial services sector. The blog received a lot of comments and… READ MORE

Mar 26, 2010

Evolutionary marketing - Tribal, viral and mobile (Huff Post)

There is a lot of discussion about how social media will play out from a mobile perspective, and how marketers in particular can monetize and leverage social media for real… READ MORE

Mar 25, 2010

If you're my bank - you better get moving...

Mobility in banking and payments is not a fad. This week I gave a keynote address at the 3rd Mobile Commerce Summit Asia (Manila) and meet with global players in… READ MORE

Mar 16, 2010

Pervasive Banking or Irrelevance? You choose... (Huff Post)

Why do we use cash? Why do we use banks? The basic premise is that banks are necessary to create a flow of cash and enable commerce, with built in… READ MORE

Mar 08, 2010

Open Source Banking - the solution to lagging innovation (Huff Post)

Banks face huge organizational barriers to rapid innovation and in many cases still don't conceptually appreciate the need for rapid change around customer. It appears that banks know how to… READ MORE

Jan 28, 2010

Mobile Apps Force Retail Banks to Rethink Their Roles...

I see a lot of banks tacking on mobile internet banking apps at the moment - call it the me-too trend of mobile banking. Max McKeown in his book The… READ MORE

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