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Sep 24, 2012

Why Apple’s NFC snub might hurt the banks and networks more than ever?

I’ve always maintained that Near Field Communication (NFC) was attractive for both the banks acting as acquirers and issuers, and ultimately the networks themselves. Particularly in the US marketplace. Why?… READ MORE

Mar 08, 2012

Lessons from Apple - great stores don't bring customers back

The new iPad just launched to the usual hype, anticipation and fanfare. Every time a new Apple product comes off the assembly line, it gets put under the biggest magnifying glass… READ MORE

May 09, 2011

Why Apple must incorporate NFC into their next iPhone

On 14th of March 2011, The Independent newspaper from the UK published an article suggesting that the iPhone 5 would not include Near-Field Communication (NFC) capability. A few days later… READ MORE

Mar 14, 2011

Will Apple delay NFC in the iPhone5?

There's rumours flying around about Apple possibly pulling out of their previous NFC (Near-Field Communications) launch commitment for the iPhone 5. Of course, Apple has neither substantiated or denied these… READ MORE

Mar 03, 2011

VIDEO: Opportunities in the Underbanked Space

With somewhere between 40-70m underbanked in the United States alone, there are significant opportunities to re-think where these individuals fit in the banking landscape. Since the introduction of the Durbin… READ MORE

Dec 29, 2010

What the Finance sector has to look forward to in 2011...

In 2010 we had a bunch of innovative ideas become mainstream and start to impact the banking arena (for a full coverage see my post in Huffington.) However, 2011 promises… READ MORE

Nov 19, 2010

Don't worry - you don't need to develop an iPhone App

As of May this year, only 4% of US FDIC insured institutions in the United States had any sort of mobile play, a small subset of this group had iPhone… READ MORE

May 11, 2010

Retail Bankers - Wake up to the 21st Century already!

Why have banks been so slow to adopt mobile banking, improvements in internet banking, customer experience and social media engagement? Is it cost? Is it technical or platform integration issues?… READ MORE

Apr 30, 2010

Radio 938 Live - Singapore Radio interview launch of BANK 2.0

Radio segment that aired on Radio 93.8 Singapore 30th of April, 2010 (Recorded Friday 23rd of April) to launch my book BANK 2.0 in Singapore last week. Michelle Martin and… READ MORE

Apr 26, 2010

Brett King: I'm on the move, therefore I am...HELP! (HuffPost)

Mobility is such a basic requirement for the connected, networked executive today. I travel about half of my time promoting my book, BANK 2.0, and working with clients around the… READ MORE

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