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Jun 02, 2010

Lessons from the failed Facebook exodus (HuffPost)

The 1st of June was supposed to be "Quit Facebook Day" as a protest over Facebook's privacy policies. But the 1st of June passed by and as far as I… READ MORE

May 31, 2010

Bank 2.0: Innovating the customer experience pays dividends - literally

No one could deny that banks have had a tough time of it when it comes to stock market valuations over the last couple of years. The global financial crisis,… READ MORE

May 28, 2010

It wasn't easy being green, but it is getting easier :)

This afternoon a very amusing Twitter conversation ensued between a group of brilliant, eclectic group of bank innovators. While there's lots of Bank 2.0 humor floating around the fact is… READ MORE

May 27, 2010

BANK 2.0 - Hits No. 1 on Amazon UK's preorder bestseller list

Thanks guys for all your support. When I woke up this morning to see BANK 2.0 heading up Amazon UK's bestseller list for new releases in Banking it was a… READ MORE

May 25, 2010

EU Exposure for BANK 2.0

As the UK release date for BANK 2.0 rapidly approaches (just 6 days to go), I'm flattered to see that the book is getting some blog traction and some mindshare… READ MORE

May 21, 2010

What the loss of confidence in banks really means...

This week we have some of the world's biggest banks recording staggering, record profits - despite this there are serious challenges heading the banks way in the short-term and consumer… READ MORE

May 11, 2010

Retail Bankers - Wake up: Response from @FirstDirect

When I posted on my blog this morning US/UK time about mobile banking and the apparent reluctance of some banks to deploy iPhone Apps, etc I used the example of… READ MORE

May 11, 2010

Retail Bankers - Wake up to the 21st Century already!

Why have banks been so slow to adopt mobile banking, improvements in internet banking, customer experience and social media engagement? Is it cost? Is it technical or platform integration issues?… READ MORE

May 10, 2010

Forget greater regulation, social media will force transparency

As President Obama was gearing up last month to push further reforms for the finance sector through congress, the sector lobbyists were also gearing up for a battle of PR… READ MORE

May 05, 2010

Digital versus Traditional Advertising? Wrong Question

There is a debate that has been raging in Advertising quarters for almost a decade now - which is better Digital Media or Traditional Advertising. The fact that this question… READ MORE

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